Friday, December 7, 2012

New Writing Blog

I decided to start a writing blog separate from the natural history blog I have been writing for several years.  This is the blog where, starting January 2013, I will post a daily entry of a small written piece describing something from my day.  This is part of the "Mindful Writing Challenge 2013" that I joined in hopes that it would help me take notice of details of life that would otherwise get lost in the mad rush forward.  Click on the link in the right hand column to learn more about the Challenge.  Who knows - you may decide to join for yourself!

Below I have 3 "small stones", as they are called, that are my first efforts.  Funny how it makes you feel a little vulnerable to put these out in public.  I welcome comments, but be gentle folks - this is my first time.

The circumstance of this first one is fairly self-evident.  And the cold truth is upon us now, a mere 4 days later.

Deceptively warm, the December morning air
whispers “Spring” across my skin.
Happily complicit, I savor its touch,
denying that cold truth will prevail.

A day or so later, the beginning of my day was not so gentle.

All is pain and darkness.
I struggle to semi-consciousness,
mired down in a pre-dawn migraine.
A plain white pill beckons
from the impossibly distant

I also read in Nature (Nature 491, 640 (29 November 2012)) that the B meson subatomic particle is the first one observed in processes that do not "run in the same way forwards in time as they do backwards."  This means that time's arrow can only move toward the future.  Of course, us non-physicists have rarely doubted that.

Recent discovery shows
time’s arrow does fly in only 1 direction,
unquestionably traveling my way.